By Daniel Sidlofsky

As the excitement of Target’s arrival bubbles throughout Canada, not everyone is joining in. Was the sale of Zellers’ leases to the Target Corporation fair to those who kept Canada’s famed department store alive? Are the over ten thousand Zellers jobs estimated to be lost a fair price for a supposedly superior shopping experience? With more than two hundred stores being closed, Zellers employees feel as if they are being kicked to the curb.

Canadians will be saved the trip across the border to reach their favourite American discount retailer, dubbed Targé by many. Boasting exclusive brands, discounted prices, and the company’s popular RedCard, the move brings us new shopping opportunities. Many Canadians have waited years for this fantasy to become a reality, while others – particularly those employed by Zellers – have been dreading it.

Shortly after the 2011 announcement that Target was taking over the leases of many Zellers stores for a whopping $1.825 billion, news broke that the loyal Zellers workforce would walk away empty handed. Thousands of people, some with over forty years of service, learned of their inevitable unemployment.

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Target is one of the world’s most successful retailers and many Canadians are excited about shopping in new store locations that offer a weekly ad, coupons, regular store hours and the company’s popular redcard.

Target will soon be hiring in Canada and that is a good thing. But Target can be an even stronger force in our community by giving Zellers workers the respect they deserve. With your help, Target can be a leader in creating better, fairer jobs that benefit our communities today and well into the future.

This website is operated and maintained by UFCW Canada. This is not a Zellers or Target website, but features current Zellers workers who have all volunteered to tell their stories and share their opinions. UFCW Canada is a not-for-profit worker organization dedicated to social justice and creating better living standards for its membership and all working families.